Coaching to Win!

     Are you stressed out and finding it hard to organize your life? Are you anxious about your family life and/or finances? Well, I have a Coach that can help get you back on track and “win” the game! This Coach is pretty busy, but she did manage to share a few moments with us. Her name is Kim Verbal and she is a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Q: How did you get started with becoming a Life Coach?

Kim: Wow, where do I begin…I guess I would have to start from when I was a teenager.  I often found myself engaged in conversations with people who didn’t mind sharing one or more of their life situations with me. Nothing that I asked for, but something that was bestowed upon me.  I think it is part of my calling.  In return, I found myself asking probing questions to get to the root of the issue to help guide the person to a solution. In 2009, I came across an article that talked about Life Coaching. It was then, I realized there was a title to what I’ve been doing just about all my life. I then decided to make it official and become a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Q: How long have you been in the business?

Kim: Professionally, four years.

Q: What is the most common issue you see in your consultations? (ex: self-esteem,trust issues, etc).

Kim: My top common issues are dealing with Stress, Relationships, Finance & Business.

Q: Do you have any general advice you’d like to share with our readers?

Kim: Do not allow anyone to steal your dreams, you must first believe in yourself before anyone else will.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish over the next five years with your business?

Kim: I plan to globally expand my business & clientele.  I look to be a Mastery Coach by instructing others on how to be a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Q: Are there any other ventures you would like to share with us?

Kim: Yes, I’m an entrepreneur at heart. God said,” that I can have it all”. I’m a firm believer in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  

I’m standing on his promise & his word. As long as God gives me the strength & the breath in my body I will continue to bless & be blessed. I say these things to you, because if God can take a shy introverted, low self-esteemed little country girl from nothing to several times business owner, he can do the same thing for you.

The ventures I share with you today are all God given. I must give the honor to him 1st, without him I would not be.   I share part of my story with you today, that it may be an inspiration, motivation or testimony to you in your life.  I share these ventures with you in hopes that you will allow me to sow seed into your life one way or another. Be blessed.  

Real Estate Broker:

Jewelry Designer:  

Virtual Assistant Jobs:  

Q: How can someone interested in your assistance or more information reach you?

Kim: For more details go to: or E-mail:

Q: Do you have any advice for those interested in pursuing their own business?

Kim: “Whatever you do remain persistent, forever moving towards the mark. If you can perceive it in your mind to be real, if you can believe that it is real, then you can achieve it, to make it your reality”.

Thank you so much Kim! I am inspired already by such motivation and I am sure our readers will be as well!

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